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<p>2010 World Expo, Portugal Museum with its unique, natural shape and design has become the World Expo in a beautiful landscape, but also a perfect interpretation of Arafat's cork products from Portugal.building stairs for deck</p>

<p>It offers 5,500 square meters of cork flooring and wall panels for the Portuguese Pavilion. As a unique and innovative design elements, cork is used in the Portugal Pavilion facade. In the stadium inside renewable cork flooring is also laying the ground with other materials to achieve the perfect combination. Fully embodies the Expo "Better City, Better Life" material for decking</p>

<p>Cork has a good sound absorption, insulation and damping effect, represents a concept of sustainable development, as well as the spirit of innovation and harmonious development between man and nature. At the same time, Portugal has the world's largest cork oak forests, cork has become a symbol of Portugal.artifical wooden deck uae supplier</p>

<p>Portugal Pavilion 3640 m2 fa├žade was 28,000 kilograms of soft wood package, called the world's most environmentally friendly exterior isolation techniques. In the stadium interior, laying 1100 square meters of Yibao Kang cork flooring. Screening hall 780 square meters of wall all covered by cork, to achieve good results in the sound-absorbing effect. These products are all --- Portugal Amorim Cork Group offers from the world's largest cork producer, while the Portuguese Amorim Group is also the Expo Pavilion of Portugal's largest sponsor.[url=]composite outdoor floor covering[/url]</p>