a 1-0 victory within Paris st germain

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A total of five meeting involving the two, real Madrid 2 subtract 1 win 2 attract on, before the season 4 games will be in the uefa cup along with cup winners' cup and the champions league for the 1st time the two sides attained is 21 white knight in shining armor park in Paris previous month.

Real Madrid home a couple games in Paris, the result is 1. Real Madrid team suffered an overall of 29 ligue 1 and 16-6-7, 59 goals in 30 goals, 13 battle won 4-3 earn 3 draw 1 adverse; Paris, a total of 25 times within the Spanish team, 38 goals in 37 goals, at 11 games 5 win 2 draw 5 bad. Accidentally break after thirty-five minutes, real Madrid, fifa4coin long images were silva cross out a foot to quit, just fell on this foot of Joe, he seems like a trial, the box on the left side in the small Angle the ball within the attack's terra PuFeiJin corner, 1-0. Top end of the 1st half, real Madrid.

Easy edge to deal with again, the 88th minute, Paris for couple still left free kick opportunity, di maria left base curveball hit the crossbar, her sigh. Home-country crowd throughout the sport, unlucky away defeat with Paris.  fifabli20