Yuan qing hua incense burner

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After years of collecting, I have also accumulated a few decent pieces of porcelain, one of which is a blue and white incense burner. Under the influence of domestic experts, it was always believed that there was not much collection of yuan qing hua in China. Except for dozens of yuan qing hua in foreign Turkish national museum and several countable pieces of yuan qing hua recognized by experts in domestic museum, most of the folk yuan qing hua collections were judged as fake or unrepresentative by experts. The other day watching CCTV two set of "final" yuan blue and white, learned a lot of new knowledge, the blue and white incense burner for my collection to the prudent, in the past most affected by experts always thought this blue and white incense burner to early Ming dynasty, the total also dare not to think of this blue and white incense burner to the yuan dynasty, through the comparison and contrast think I of this blue and white porcelain bowls are yuan censer. Through watching the collection program of "one hammer settle sound", I also knew and saw Mr. Zhang qingyu of Beijing yuan qinghua club for the first time. Mr. Zhang's collection of yuan qing hua has really dazzled the viewers. It has not only increased my knowledge but also enriched my eyes, which has greatly opened my eyes and benefited me a lot. In the past few decades, my hobbies have enabled me to accumulate a certain collection, and also enabled me to learn a lot of knowledge and knowledge. Below, I would like to invite my friends to appreciate my collection of "yuan qing hua animal button, double ears, three-legged gao shi fuqin diagram incense burner" and comparative photos.

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