Wood-plastic composite sheet came into being

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 In recent years,tongue and groove floor boards a gradual increase in social awareness of environmental protection, coupled with the global forest resources are depleting, the timber application also put forward higher requirements. In this situation, a way to natural and synthetic wood plastic composite prepared by the new material - wood-plastic composite sheet widespread attention.  
Wood comes from renewable resources, is a porous composite material made of cellulose, lignin and other organic matter consisting of industrial materials as the best of its environmental compatibility,most durable fencing materials has a very important role in the national economy. But the presence of perishable wood, flammable, susceptible to insects, low absolute strength, absorbs water easily absorb moisture and cause deformation of the larger size and other shortcomings, to a certain extent, limit the processing and application of wood.  
Wood-plastic composites (WPC) is a timber immersed in the polymerizable monomer,wood plastic decking material for sale in south africa pre-polymer or a mixture of both, the role of energy in the external impregnating polymeric component obtained by curing a polymer (plastic timber in the gap ) modified wood. This material retains the original wood texture and color, and hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance performance has been greatly improved,outdoor furniture wood plastic composite material eliminates many inherent shortcomings of wood, so as to efficiently utilize low-quality wood and wood transformation to create a new picture.