Wood carving incense burner

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Censer is one of the sacrificial utensils placed before the sacred table. Its shape is like a tripod, and the top button is more carved into the shape of a lion, so it is also called censer lion. When the sacrifice ceremony was held, the spices were ignited in the copper stove, and then put into the incense lion. This incense burner is rolled up on four legs, and the two sides of the belly are inlaid with "carp jumping dragon door" and "profound ancient patterns" rectangular carving pieces. The left and right sides of a engrave engrave with flower pattern furnace ears, high up; Under the abdomen are arranged on all sides of brocade ground to light, inside which the painting of ancient still life is painted by iron wire painting. The lid of the furnace is a fierce looking round lion as the main body, three lovely small lions play around its side. The whole instrument is elegant and solemn, beautiful and practical.

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