Why do not you use LED headlamps?

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<p>1, the current very cheap are some of the power of small household lights. High-power LED as a complete lamp mainly consists of so many parts of the cost. Light source costs, cooling costs, drive costs, and some additional such as light distribution, shell and labor. And the first three blocks are cost-related power, power doubled, the three costs are doubled. So high-power lights in some sense, and not to the extent of cheap. Projection Headlight Bulbs</p>

<p>2, LED headlamps have some technical difficulty and some additional costs, for example, in a relatively small confined space to achieve high-power cooling, such as light distribution, high light near light switch. 3, LED manufacturers need to have a closer cooperation with the car manufacturers can carry out this research and development work. LED Light Pod Cheap Prices And Huge Selection</p>

<p>Because the lights of the mold and the requirements of product information are in the hands of car manufacturers, so to enter the industry LED business is not too much. Most of them are doing some taillight brake light auxiliary lights and some other products.LED lamp relative to the halogen and xenon lamp and did not give users a great experience to change, so for the user, in fact, really does not matter is the LED Colored Light Bars For Trucks</p>