What are the advantages of ZW Self-priming sewage pump

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ZW Self-priming sewage pump is a common type of self-priming pump. The reason why the so-called sewage pump can be used is that it has self-priming function and is more convenient to use than other pumps. Moreover, the pump has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is a real corrosion-resistant self-priming pump. Therefore, it is widely used in municipal sewage treatment or other sewage treatment. Xiaobian here summarizes some special advantages for your reference.
1. Strong drainage capacity: Special impeller blockage prevention design ensures high efficiency and no blockage of the pump.
2. High efficiency and energy saving: Using excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency is 3-5% higher than the general self-priming pump.
3. The self-priming performance is good: the self-priming height is 1 meter higher than the general self-priming pump, and the self-priming time is shorter.
Therefore, the ZW Self-priming sewage pump is also a ZW self-priming non-blocking sewage pump, which is very suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, mining, paper-making, fiber, slurry, textile, food, power plant and municipal sewage engineering, public facilities sewage, pond aquaculture and other industries.
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