WPC role in the domestic industry

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 In recent years, home industries have sprung up,composite picket fencing materials as is the meat and potatoes home as people of all ages. In the decorating industry has a broad space for development, it can play its due role in the wood-plastic composite materials are also beginning to see the rapid development of the cutting edge.

The development of any new material class products, bound from the traditional craft materials gradually entered different fields of science to achieve complex cross after a new look. In this era of emerging new materials, wood-plastic material with the concept of "environmental protection, energy saving", as well as their special advantages, at home and abroad in recent years has been the rapid development of applications continue to expand, constantly tap the potential of the product, it can be described as lively extraordinary.

First, standardization, modularity, spread intensive processing methods

Development Trend of interior decoration materials and home decoration industry, the need for new materials destined participation and integration development. Interior decoration materials, and both are from the hand of bulk, standardized way to the on-site production and processing factories, modular,composite privacy fence panel intensive, on-site installation of an integrated development and the evolution of the way, doors, flooring, wardrobes, cabinets and other products of We have proved this point. In the factory, modular, intensive product development process, the traditional material processing methods, especially for a plate material processing has congenital constraints.
 WPC can be complex curved extruded and mass production; the development of products in the home, you can achieve the traditional material processing methods can not complete the installation of structural design point and imagination, to the achievement of household products from the factory to the manual of the course evolution, can play an important role in the promotion. Coupled with the WPC itself waterproof, mildew range of material properties, must be able to play a unique advantage.

Second, the new concept requires a strong support of new materials, new products

The new concept of home integration, intelligent home will be further development in the next decade; O2O mode integrated decoration, online and offline will lead the trend of development; Big Data, Industry 4.0 so completely may promote rapid social, market go ahead. The traditional sense of a single production,wood plastic composite tile cladding distribution, doors, floors, wardrobe, furniture and other manufacturing plants and distributors of living space will likely become increasingly narrow.

In this era of development, the WPC virtue of "environmental protection, waterproof, mildew, easy to install," and so has the characteristics of a vast arena. In this era of upheaval in urgent need of new materials such as WPC mettle in systematic development. In recent years, our business developed quick top of the wall system combines wood doors, wardrobes Household build integrated development of extraordinarily rapid momentum, but also evidence of the need for this era.

Third, the strong demand for green decoration  
Decoration environmental issues for a long time. With the improvement of the economic level of consumer awareness on the importance, if this is not the pressing problems, from the demand point of view, this strong demand has prompted enough fissile format. But the wide range of building materials cohabitation authenticity of the enemy, causing many consumers fall into the pain, anger and frustration among. Which is rooted in the country are determined enough, lack of policy efforts, the standard is not stringent regulation is not in place,wood plastic cladding south africa prices the industry is highly mixed with the real interests unclear; the fact that some companies self-discipline is poor, desperate interests first. But we believe that this mess with real needs and national importance, will be a strong containment.