WPC process characteristics

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<p>1, wood products from wood flour + PVC or HDPE plastic particles plastic powder + other additives mixed at high temperature, extrusion molding process into a certain shape.</p> 
<p>2, has a wood look and strength than solid wood, willful, and has excellent corrosion no wood, waterproof, anti-pollution decorated moth, flame retardant, products without formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and the like.</p> 
<p>3, the unique formulation technology, and through strengthening the role of interfacial mixing process and special molding technology, wood, plastic and truly become one.</p> 
<p>4, can be recycled, biodegradable characteristics, protection of forest resources and ecological environment, truly "green" in line "resource-saving and environment-friendly" social demands.</p> 
<p>5, "like plastic non-plastic, non-wood like wood," because it has the dual advantages of wood and plastic and also avoid its shortcomings, it has become one of the most popular environmentally friendly products to outdoor buildings in recent years.</p> 
<p>the article come from:Dark Vs Light Composite Decking Material</p> 
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