WPC maintenance and repair

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<p> �� pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and leaves due to: the use of sodium hypochlorite
  containing detergents and cleaning agents.  </p>
<p>�� rust and grime: Use cleaning agent containing phosphoric acid, can be bought in home stores and
  hardware stores.  </p>
<p>�� oil pollution: Once contaminated, it is cleaned with a cleaning agent containing degreasing agent.</p>
<p> �� Most of contamination can be removed with a damp cloth to scrub.</p>
<p> �� regularly profiles using the tool to clear debris at the gap, to ensure smooth drainage.  </p>
<p>�� vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to prevent accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch
  the floor surface.</p>
<p> �� avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, studs and other hard material is scratch the surface profile.</p>
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