WPC entered a rapid development period

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 With the rapid economic development, plastics application in life more widely, and the ensuing "white pollution" problem has become an environmental cause of a problem. In recent years, plastic recycling plastics industry has become a key development direction of technology, in this case, the use of waste wood and waste plastic made of wood-plastic composite material emerged. This new composite material is the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride plastic material instead of conventional resin adhesive,outdoor decking material prices and mixed with the waste plant fiber made with ordinary plastic profiles irreplaceable advantages, such as color, texture light weight , nails, sawing, drilling, planing, paint and other processing performance, but also have corrosion-resistant timber that are not ordinary, not acid pH, fire-retardant and other advantages.

According to statistics, the amount of domestic WPC average annual growth rate of up to 30% of global production has more than 1.5 million tons, including solar outdoor railings, doors and windows, the insulation system, garden shed, park benches, ceiling and tower buildings screens are the use of wood-plastic composite material produced. Expected in the next 10 years, WPC products will gradually take the place of a portion of the plastic and wood products in the field of rail transportation, automotive interior parts and packaging materials will have a large number of applications, demand will reach 30 billion yuan or so.wood plastic composite outdoor decking  
WPC reason is widely used, not only because it overcomes the traditional strength of wood is low, large variability of organic materials and low modulus of elasticity of limitations, but it as a new environmentally friendly green wood, in order to reduce environmental pollution, reduce the amount of the original wood and have made some contribution to protect forests. Because WPC is the use of all kinds of waste plastics and waste wood processing, the material itself can be recycled, thus greatly slowing the burning of plastic waste and agricultural waste pollution to the environment, is a new green Environmentally friendly products. plastic wood fence designs ireland 
WPC's launch marks the technological innovation of plastic composite materials. National and global demand continues to expand, the number of firms and production continued to grow and the country has issued the relevant supporting policies have created favorable conditions for the development of wood-plastic composites. As a very promising environmentally friendly materials, the rapid development of wood-plastic composite material of plastic so that the timber industry and ushered in the spring, continued growth of the plastics industry scale,cost of composite fencing panels industry concentration is accelerating, its in-depth application and development not only for the community good economic returns, while exploring contributed to the severity of the new environmentally friendly green plastic roads in our country.