Vertical pumping pump

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<p>Can be composed of high-pressure water pump hydraulic excavation unit for dredging and filling operations, but also a number of vertical pump and horizontal ship Lu dual-use mud pump in series into a pump operation group. Water dredging, excavation, punching units for water mechanization construction, is to simulate the principle of natural water erosion, by the role of water to carry out dredging, digging work, water pressure generated by high pressure pump, through the high pressure water jet, High-pressure high-speed water column, the impact of sand column sand, so that soil sand wet, disintegration, mixing into a mixture of mud and mud, and then by the vertical mud pump lift, through the pipeline to the battlefield. Water dredging unit, the equipment is simple, easy to use. Can be completed at the same time digging, loading, transportation, filling and other processes, and thus high efficiency, low cost, and has a good project quality, construction from weather and other advantages. Widely used in coastal tidal breeding plant excavation; lake river sand, dredging, embankment; low-lying land transformation; large and medium-sized water conservancy projects; farmland infrastructure and underground engineering.</p>
<p>Scope: 1. Sedimentation tank, fish pond dredging sediment, lake river sand, dredging, embankment. 2. Low-lying land to transform. 3. Sand ship unloading sand. 4. sand or land on the sediment more water less sediment, even if the evacuation does not affect the use, do not need to emptying.</p>
<p>Structural features: 1. Pump by the pump, impeller, guard, motor rack and bearing assembly and other components. 2. The shaft seal of the pump is sealed with rubber frame oil seal. 3. Rotation direction of the pump: from the impeller inlet direction as counterclockwise rotation. 4. The use of secondary impeller to reduce the impeller back pressure, to extend the life of seals. 5. Over flow parts using white mouth wear-resistant cast iron, anti-abrasion.</p>
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