Three solid wood flooring

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1, floor consumption habits change

In the European market, three solid wood flooring products in the floor of the proportion of consumption has been more than 80%. In China, due to market conditions and other factors, three solid wood flooring started late. Since the 1990s,   Composite Dock Panelsthree solid wood flooring industry has entered a period of rapid development, since 2003, three-layer solid wood flooring domestic market to more than 50% of the rapid growth of three-tier solid wood flooring has become China's wood flooring industry-led One of the products. As the three-tier solid wood flooring with elegant style and warm, stable performance and other advantages, coupled with the holy elephant as the introduction of the Nordic wind three layers of solid wood flooring by young people generally like the floor consumption habits have been quietly from the "solid wood" More stylish and easy to install three-tier solid wood.

2, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring inherent defects

Solid wood flooring has a good sense of foot,  toronto composite wood supplierscan be a good adjustment of the indoor temperature, especially pure wood flooring is made of pure natural wood processing, giving a return to nature, anti-Pu Guizhen feel, the disadvantage is the high price. Because it is natural wood, there is a greater chance of deformation cracking, in order to maintain the pattern of logs, the surface can not do too hard and too thick paint, so the use must always be careful, care should also be very cautious before they can. The enhanced floor in the price is very favorable, high wear factor, the bar is the ideal type of public places such as floor.  composite flooring for balcony But the use of the feet at home is very poor, and no solid wood as generous. The three-tier solid wood flooring is a combination of the performance advantages of both, not only can be nice, comfortable feet, can also be disassembly and maintenance, easy maintenance, very suitable for modern living habits.

3, the inevitable trend of environmental protection

Compared with solid wood flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring can make better use of wood raw materials. Three-layer solid wood flooring of the core board and backplane is usually selected with moderate quality, good elastic fast-growing material,   Composite Railing Pricesand the surface of high-quality combination of hardwood, foot feel comfortable. The table is usually wear-resistant, precious wood. In addition, the three-layer structure, less glue, the use of environmentally friendly plastic, environmental performance products. In addition, three solid wood flooring is reasonable, is conducive to sustainable and rational use of resources.