The world's most deadly incense burner

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Yang yanzhao, the original name yanlang, later renamed Yang yanzhao, also known as Yang liulang. Will ji-ye Yang's eldest son in resistance to at least the northern song dynasty, liao people think the sixth of the big dipper in the town of YouYan north, is their Nemesis, liao people treated him as the six lang stars of heaven (fuses iconic) descent, called Yang six lang.

He with Yang jiye, YongXi three years the northern expedition, Yang jiye rate troops should, new moon, such as state, zhao for pioneer, at the age of 29, fight it is mined here at the gates, blows wear arm, fighting back, finally it is mined here under attack. During the war against the liao, Yang yanzhao was called "iron sui city" by the side court of weizhen. Song zhenzong praised him for his "father style". There is always this story about Yang liulang about his restoration of the white horse temple.

During the southern song dynasty, the liao state repeatedly violated the border and attempted to occupy the central plains. After several failures, han chang, the great governor of the capital, made a plan to concentrate the ancient people's formation and set up a "battle line between heaven and earth". This array is located in the mountains, stretching for more than 100 miles, it can be said that there is a matrix in the matrix, there is a matrix outside the matrix, intermittent connection. Everything was well arranged, and han chang wrote a letter to Yang liulang, the commander of the sanguan army of the song camp, saying that if the song camp could break his battle, the liao would retreat and never invade the border. However, if the song army could not break this battle, the liao army would dominate the great song river and mountain. On this day, Yang liulang summoned 24 border generals to discuss ways to defeat the enemy. Everyone contended with each other, and the six lang insisted on going out on his own.

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