The first wood flooring plants

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 <p> Chinese Ambassador to Peru to participate in the first month of high Peru and Universal Flooring Co., Ltd. unveiled the groundbreaking ceremony. exterior interlocking logs Supplier Peruvian President Alan Garcia, Minister of Agriculture Benavides, vice president of China Timber Association She Xuebin, secret plant floor all guests and some of the staff were more than 200 participants. </p>
<p>Ambassador Gao speech, pointed out that the completion and commissioning of the plant floor will become a model for joint ventures between the two countries.timber fencing with no gaps  the future development of China-Peru relations prospects.</p>
<p> President Garcia on the global flooring plant built congratulations, saying Peru is willing to provide a stable financial, judicial and social environment to attract more Chinese entrepreneurs to invest secret. Recipe will work with China to strive for an early signing of the Peru free trade agreement. fences how to build Ethiopia Ambassador Gao month and President Garcia inaugurated the factory floor together for the Global President Garcia also invited to the factory production line started operating button. Peru Global flooring plant invested by China nature group, the use of Chinese technology and equipment, recipe provided raw materials.</p>