The cooling water system of the holding furnace

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<p>(7) mechanical processing equipment, oil cooling and abrasive cooling; air compressor cylinder cooling;<br />
  (8) Casting, forging, welding equipment, the internal process of water cooling;<br />
  (9) refinery chemical plant low temperature oil cooling, all kinds of oil and gas condensate cooling;<br />
  (10) petrochemical gas station, coalbed methane station;<br />
  (11) and glass melting cell, single crystal or polycrystalline furnace;<br />
  (12) water injection systems for large injection molding machines;<br />
  (13) power plants, nuclear power plants, substations; transformer oil cooler;<br />
  (14) and high-end central air-conditioning system of water source heat pump units and water-cooled units;<br />
  (15) direct cooling, that is, when the outdoor air wet bulb temperature dropped to a certain value, the refrigerator stopped running, the cooling tower cooling water directly transported to the air cooler, as cold water, air conditioning room to eliminate the cold, Wet load<br />
  (16) food, beverage and other industries.<br />
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