The Upgrade Nebula Stone is quite special

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The Upgrade Nebula Stone is quite special as it reduces the expense of weapon transformation any time used—up to 40% regarding lower tiers. When used inside the Offering slot rather than an transformation gun, the transformation costs of the upgrade (components and gold) will probably be reduced 10–40%. The Upgrade Nebula Stone will not reduce the expense of a Breakthrough or perhaps Blade Soul Rare metal weapon reinforcement (only the typical transformation levels), and its particular potency is reduced when you progress to the bigger weapon Blade & Soul gold

It’s crucial that you note that the particular Upgrade Nebula Rocks can only become purchased and useful for a limited time—from May well 11 until Summer 22.

In addition for the Upgrade Nebula Natural stone and Fated Connection costume, a collection of items including Floral of Lament, Naryu Capsules, and experience charms is likewise available for obtain using Cavern Infection.

The Vipercap Gauntlet will probably be available from May well 11 until Summer 1, and during the period characters level thirty-six and above should be able to run the dungeon once each day for free, any. Even after the wedding ends you’ll still manage to spend any outstanding Cavern Fungus currency you might have, and use virtually any Upgrade Nebula Stones you purchased, but only right up until June 22. Following your standard Wednesday servicing on June twenty-two, any remaining Cavern Infection and Upgrade Nebula Stones will not be usable and will safely be marketed. Be sure to utilize them before next!

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