Stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturer's future road

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<p>Recent steel stocks have increased 30% -40% YoY, which includes social stocks and steel mill inventories, which is the reason for the recent decline in steel prices. The next step Although the country is going to steel production capacity, but the price trend, or by the market. The next stage may depend on the progress of inspection and acceptance of banned steel products. At that time, there may be a rebound in steel prices.Venta Directa De La Fábrica Paepr Decorativo Mini Placa</p>
<p>But the rally will be affected by the overall demand, especially in the context of continued deleveraging of the country. "There is room for further declines in the price, but it will also be supported in the context of the reform and some rebound, but the height of the rally is limited." And this year the country is prepared to prevent this kind of price surge.Stainless Steel bar Hexagonal Square bar For Construction Building</p>
<p>March 27 National Development and Reform Commission's Steel Productivity Conference proposed to go to steel production capacity this year, we must take a good "three lines": the first line is the "bottom line" to ensure that the completion of 50 million tons to the production capacity of the task; second Line is the "red line" to completely ban "ground steel"; the third line is "on the line", pay close attention to the market price of steel to prevent the market ups and downs.15mm electric joints stainless steel ball</p>
<p>Luo Tiejun, inspector of the Department of Raw Materials of the Ministry of Industry recently said that the ban on "ground steel" will be completed by the end of June. In order to prevent malicious speculation in the market, steel prices fluctuate greatly and the MIIT will guide local authorities to grasp the intensity and pace of production capacity.Certificated a53b a106b steel tube for oil</p>