Solid wood flooring exactly what excellent features

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<p>Solid wood flooring, also known as wood flooring is made of natural wood are dried, processed form of surface decoration materials, much consumers. Solid wood flooring exactly what excellent features,install wood flooring on terrace or balcony  has allowed so much charm? A, noise insulation��Solid wood flooring material is relatively hard, mainly composed of wood fiber structure, thermal conductivity coefficient lower than other floors, but it also has sound and heat barrier effect, the performance is better than steel, ceramic tiles, cement and other materials.</p>
<p> So solid wood flooring has a good sound-absorbing, sound insulation, sound reduction breakdown, shorten the superior characteristics of reverb, effectively reducing sound pollution in their daily lives. Second, Easy to clean garden timbers adjust the humidity, wood floors have a very interesting "magic", while a dry environment, it will automatically release the water; but when wet surroundings, it will automatically absorb moisture. </p>
<p>So this feature wood flooring can effectively adjust the temperature and humidity of the surrounding space, people can effectively reduce the incidence of rheumatic diseases, and because of the low thermal conductivity of solid wood flooring, cool. Whether any one season, if people sitting on the wood floor, will give a very comfortable feeling, above grounds pools basic decks there will be no cold feeling chilly, especially families with children in the family. Moreover, scientific studies show that long-term residence in the huts, is longevity!</p>
<p> in the summer than the temperature of solid wood flooring tile floor is less than 3 �� -4 ��;! In winter, the temperature of solid wood flooring than other materials on the ground plate above about 10 ��. So, whether it is summer or winter, wood floors have a kind of cool special features. Fourth, green, wood flooring from the original natural forest which, in the processing of them, using a non-volatile paint wear-resistant coating, from materials to processing, the entire process is green,install threshold from laminate to floor  but it is not the same tile, have abnormal radiation, but also not the same as laminate flooring contains some formaldehyde molecule, it is a natural pollution-free floor plates.</p>