Solid wood flooring common problems

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Parquet with its natural appearance and excellent performance by more and more consumers of all ages,  Tongue And Groove Composite Flooring Boardsbut the parquet in the purchase and pavement process often encounter a lot of problems. Today, we collected the cases of wood flooring often encountered, analyzed the causes of the problem and the solution.
First, solid wood flooring pavement Why does the discoloration?
Wood color is mainly caused by absorption of ultraviolet light, wood sapwood and heartwood absorb ultraviolet light after the different degree of discoloration,  outdoor waterproof rubber flooringwill lead to pavement after the floor have a certain color. Multi-layer parquet for the natural wood surface, with the natural properties of wood, the light discoloration is a normal phenomenon, not a product quality problems. Most of the wood color change reaction is from shallow to deep,  wholesale wooden fence suppliersonly a small number of wood from the deep shallow, in the same floor of the discoloration is basically the same. Therefore, the pavement after the pavement should not long-term exposure to sunlight, appropriate to take the necessary shading measures.
External factors:
At present, I received a complaint in addition to the normal light discoloration,  Hard Wood Floors In Valenciathe majority of the geothermal environment. Geothermal floor pavement, the majority of the ground moisture content is about 20%, the floor shop process, due to moisture film damage, geothermal heating, a large number of moisture from the break into the floor, resulting in a sharp increase in water content of wood, wood Of the soluble part of the dissolution and the role of some bacteria, resulting in wood exhaust or blue change. In some cases, in the bathroom and kitchen and other humid areas, the impact of external moisture and moisture can also cause local floor discoloration.