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<p>It is truly like its says in a quote on the dvd case "Everyone remember it how they need to " So you may not see anything i am saying here in this movie and have a whole different experience.<br />It is not any kind of hugely impactful or dramatic presentation as some films are when about some person's private life who was a "star".  I think though it does leave you with new insights and understanding about people , maybe even yourself , that you  don't realize at the time because OF how light hearted  it is and they ARE, that that catches up with later (what are some unexpected influences on how you see your own life and your mind and heart too) as it just sort of takes you on a journey ...a ride through the hearts and minds and music of these really actually beautiful souls.  And makes you want to know them and be their friends too.  I think it is the kind of movie you want to see when you are not into heavy drama...or dumb comedy (this IS funny , but really funny not dumbed down humor or that you have to be stupid to get it. And when it's done you feel like dancing and singing yourself. or watching it again for the feeling you get from it and the experience of almost being there with them as though you are one of them, learning what they are, overcoming the same challenges, and faced with the same kinds of decisions and keeping yourself going forward and happy so you have soemthing worth giving to those you love....and to yourself.  That is what i took away from it.  Hmmm.  Maybe i will just go and see it again<br />   Chasitty Lopez Carrillo</p>
<p>great price works great<br />   Ansa Katariina</p>
<p>My son uses this all of the time. He is not very careful with it, but it has kept working. It is a sturdy mic.<br />   Cinthya Arcentales</p>
<p>Nothing special. I was looking for a cheap second mic for the frozen karaoke set that Santa gave our kids. This suited our purpose. Long cable is an additional plus<br />   Yelena Vakker</p>
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