Selection of laminate flooring should pay attention to several aspects

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Laminate flooring compared with wood floors, its easier for the average consumer acceptance in terms of price, but also because of its wear-resistant, rich in style, anti-pollution, easy care, etc., in the current market popular with consumers welcome. But for the average consumer, laminate flooring variety, quality and uneven, at the time of purchase is necessary to discriminate floor quality is good or bad, but also to select their own ideal floor, is a very troublesome on the market things, in fact, buy laminate flooring is very simple, the following will set out for you when you need to pay attention to a few selected laminate flooring in several aspects:

1, the content of formaldehyde. This is a relationship to our selection of products harmful to the body if key indicators, but can easily be overlooked by consumers. National standard, laminate flooring formaldehyde emission limits required to achieve e1 level that formaldehyde emission less than or equal to 1.5mg / l (desiccator method). This is a basic requirement, in line with this standard products are safe to use in an indoor environment. At present, the international use of a higher environmental performance standards e0 level that formaldehyde emission less than equal to 0.5mg / l.
2, laminate flooring wear value is one of the most important indicators of laminate flooring, laminate flooring is to determine the maximum service life variables. Laminate flooring wear layer thickness is good or bad is not to be measured, but in every square meter of aluminum oxide content and purity identified. GB provides that the family use the floor wear level required to achieve ac3 level (greater than or equal to 6000), public places must reach ac4 level (greater than or equal 9000 rpm). Wear higher the level, the floor surface is not easy to scratch, the longer the life of the floor also.
3. Strengthening the thickness and quality of the floor. Currently on the market floor thickness is generally from 6 to 12 mm, in general, in the purchase of the floor, to buy the thicker thickness of the floor, the life of its use will be longer, but also according to the actual needs of home improvement buy. The weight of the floor depends on the density of the substrate. Base and determines the stability of various indicators, impact resistance of the floor, so the substrate, the better, the higher the density, the more weight the floor.
4, the expansion of the floor after absorbing the index is generally less than 3% can be regarded as qualified, or in the face of moisture, or humidity is relatively high, the case surrounding Mifengbuyan floor deformation phenomena occur affect the normal use of the floor.
5. In addition, before buying acquire two floors of the model were assembled about, look after the assembly floor is neat, tight.
6, laminate flooring service is not negligible factor. Because the floor is different from other products, even if it is finished and semi-finished products, and only until laying is complete, consumers can enjoy. Strictly speaking, after-sales service, from the installation of the floor at that time began, when the laying of the floor if the workers are not professional, not according to standardized operations, such as, most likely due to construction problems caused by quality problems, and finally lead to unnecessary disputes. Therefore, installation and service of laying quality is good or bad, the floor is a guarantee of quality.

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