Selection is very important for several reasons to choose ecological wood summer decoration

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<p> Now is the time during the summer, common sense is not suitable for fitting to belong season. And more generally from the temperature, air pollution, fire retardant aspects to be considered, hot or rainy weather will continue to renovation caused no small impact, so pay more attention to the selection, the current market there is an ecological wood plate, shape and pinch similar appearance and wood alike, it attracted a lot of decoration's eyes, from the following aspects to analyze the reasons for ecological wood selection.</p>
<p>1. ecological wood environmental protection high</p>
<p>Since the decoration materials harmful gas emissions rise as the temperature rises, much higher than other seasons, so choose ecological wood such VOC-free and free formaldehyde material does not cause air pollution to the room, which is decorated requested more concentrated a little.</p>
<p>2. Ecological wood moisture content is very low</p>
<p>More rain in the summer compared to other seasons, humidity, so the decoration used as wood flooring, ceiling, lumber, drywall and so requires low moisture content. Ecological wood moisture control in less than one-thousandth of the plate, most comparable water absorption tiles, can effectively prevent mildew and damp after the renovation.</p>
<p>3. Eco-wood and fire retardant</p>
<p>To eliminate fire hazards, high summer temperatures, rain and more lightning strikes circumstances occur. To select multiple indoor fire retardant material. Ecological wood belonging nonflammable material, generally encounter a source of ignition is off. It has a relatively high security.Simple installation</p>
<p> 4. Eco-wood saving time</p>
<p>Summer is generally higher labor costs, the master workers in construction time not as comfortable spring and autumn, so if you are complicated installation will lead to the extension of time, resulting in cost increases. The ecological wood after the adoption of a fixed keel laying a lot you can easily save a lot of time and labor.</p>
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