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I mentioned in the commentary on the classic collection of Chen Yuchen��s mystery novels ��The Burning Paintings on Fire�� that, unlike the current literary awards, there are only three awards that have been won by reason writers: Edogawa Iroko Prize, Naoki Prize and the Japanese Reasoning Writers Association Award. The only writers who have long been included in all are Chen Chenchen, so the "triple crown" became his reputation. Recently, Takahashi Takahashi, Tatsuno Kirito, and Higashino Keigo joined the ranks. However, Chen Shengchen��s ��Three Crowns�� has characteristics that these later writers do not have. The Step by Step Award is a novel novelist award for public submissions. In general, the winning entries are basically the debut works of the writer's early literary world. Next, most people will successively obtain the Inference Writers Association Award and the Naoki Prize (if not limited). In the context of the mystery novel, the general prize-winning route is now: Yoshikawa Yoshiharu Rookie of the Year Award Yoshimoto Yamamoto Ayumi Fukuoka Prize for Wood Prize Aichi Shibata Prize for the Yoshikawa Ichikawa Literary Prize. Of course, each stage of this route is not necessarily Must follow one by one). Writers generally rely on step by step awards and association awards to first establish their position in the realm of sci-fi, and then gain wider recognition in the literary world through the more influential Naoki prize (whole of the first reasoning novels are at a disadvantage). When we look at Chen, we first won the Edogawa Step-by-Step Award in 1961 with the roots of ��The Root of Blighted Grass�� and won the Edogawa Inferno Steps Award in 1969. In 1969, we won the ��The Jade Censer of the Jade Jade�� (combined with Fangfang in this publication). Straight wood award, the second year with "Re-see Yuling."

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