Runescape 3 presents a whole new type of object

Posted by xiaoliu xiaoliu
Mark Gerhard, CEO at Jagex Games Studio, the developers of  presents a whole new  type of object that regulate the economic climate on the game: the Bonds. Will likely be entirely on the site on the game or even in-game, which enable it to be familiar with pay your membership on the  game or make it for a pal, and also use of all premium content, all free from bots and  gold sellers.

May be purchased using this page,  which enable it to be exchanged for 14 days everyone who  subscribes, 8 spins or 160 RuneCoins. You choose how gastaroslos, choosing the perfect and  the rest. Just how do they work ? The operation is simple :
- Acquisition: a gamer buys a Bond with the page with your credit-based card or paypal with real cash. The bond can then be provided, traded or consumed.