Rising powers floor

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 <p>With the enhancement and control of timber exports, a substantial increase in raw material costs of wood flooring industry exporter of environmental awareness,square foot price composite wall panel system  integration of the consolidation trend in flooring industry chain, the brand has spawned both industry giants and control over resources in the flooring industry .</p>
<p> In recent years, China has been exporting flooring industry anti-dumping investigations and blocking 337 Lacey Act. At present, wood plastic composite target market China mainly depends on exports of wood flooring price advantage, R & D and innovation are the soft underbelly of the industry, the scarcity of the original type of independent intellectual property rights, poland wood plastic product patents have become a major obstacle to our laminate flooring to developed markets in Europe and America.</p>
<p> Barriers to international trade and new competition dictates that China flooring industry must strengthen technological innovation and brand building,outdoor floor for Rest kiosks  to enhance the core competitiveness, but should pay attention to the legality of procurement of raw materials, in order to avoid market risks. </p>