Qing Emperor Yongzheng blue glaze incense burner

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Send a recently obtained Qing Emperor Yongzheng civil kiln  blue glaze flat incense burner. Caliber of about 11.5 cm, about 7.5 cm high. A brief analysis of the Chronicles and Kiln as follows:
????First of all, this incense burner is a steeped in antiques for many years, the ceramic appreciation is particularly strong and very good reputation of the master to help me buy, first believe his eyesight and man.
Second, the shape of a look at the week of regular, pure glaze, glazing evenly, along the furnace mouth slightly white, commonly known as wick mouth, the characteristics are more obvious.
Look at the end of the foot, Yongzheng general plantar glans, exposed embryo, dense births, there are obvious cut marks. Regular foot repair neat, neat, circle full back micro arc-shaped, showing that workmanship is more refined, although the kilns, but also reflects the production of the strict Yongzheng period style. The basic can be judged as Jingdezhen kiln mouth products.
Finally, look at the glaze thickness. In general, the porcelain of the Yongzheng period, moderate glaze thickness, shape-shaped bent at no apparent glaze, the bottom foot flow glaze phenomenon. If the glaze is too thick, too fatty, it may be the style of the Qianlong period, glazing too thin, it may be late Ming or early Qing style. The outer drum of the censer belly, the shape of the shorter round pie flat, which is also the main features of Yongzheng.

????The surface of the incense burner has a layer of erosion of the age of the package, the use of traces of obvious, with the authentic features, is particularly valuable is blue glaze, this glaze is relatively rare, therefore, even more precious.

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