Production method of rare earth

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<p>From the yttrium (Y) found in 1794 to the lutetium (Lu) found in 1905, all the natural separation between the rare earth elements, and the Curie found in the Curie, were separated by this method. The fractionation method is carried out by separation and purification using the difference in the degree of solubility (solubility) of the compound dissolved in the solvent. The procedure of the method is that the compound containing two rare earth elements is dissolved in a suitable solvent and then concentrated by heating, and a part of the elemental compound in the solution is precipitated (crystallized or precipitated).</p>
<p>In the precipitates, the rare earth elements with smaller solubility are enriched and the rare earth elements with larger solubility are enriched in the solution. Because the solubility difference between rare earth elements is very small, it must be repeated several times to separate these two rare earth elements, so this is a very difficult job. All the rare earth elements of a single separation spent more than 100 years, a separate operation repeated as much as 20,000 times, for the chemical workers, the extent of its hardships, can be imagined. So this method can not be a large number of production of rare earth.</p>
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