Polyurethane insulation materials

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<p>Polyurethane insulation materials to talk about why the market has been concerned about? Polyurethane Rigid Foam Good Fire and Temperature Resistance Although a rigid polyurethane foam is a polymer, it is a thermosetting  pool fence wood deck  material that renders inert in combustion and does not produce molten flammable flaming drops but will form a coked protective layer , This feature effectively suppresses the fire led to the risk of fire spread.</p><p> At the same time, polyurethane foam can resist the spatter of Mars and radiant heat, it can prevent the oxygen into the plate, or wall insulation and foam core material contact, and will not cause  Plastic Wood Decking Malta Composite  direct combustion of core material, to ensure the integrity of the building . At the same time by adjusting the formula, polyurethane foam material can meet the building insulation material high fire performance requirements. </p><p>Polystyrene foam is a thermoplastic material, in the fire, it will first soften the deformation, and then accompanied by combustion and shrinkage, and there will be hot liquid dripping or flowing. Burning to  material calculator for deck Mauritius  a certain extent, the entire insulation structure system will collapse. Polyurethane rigid foam and wall substrate excellent self - adhesive properties.</p>