Points to note WPC outdoor flooring installation

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<p>Outdoor wood floor is the floor with a wood-plastic composite material, with the same wood and processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, you can use the same as ordinary wood. While easy to use, some problems still have to be avoided.</p>
<p>1, to avoid uneven ground</p>
<p>To ensure that the ground was dry, smooth, no debris, floor installation should normally after completion of other decorative works, cause some uneven ground floor and keel vacant, it will beep when the stampede.</p>
<p>2, to avoid keel without drying</p>
<p>Unseasoned wood keel moisture content is usually around 25%, while qualified outdoor wood flooring moisture content is generally 12% humidity difference over the General Assembly to make an outdoor wood-plastic flooring quickly absorb moisture, causing the floor bagging, paint burst. Construction of the first paved floor, and then the other construction on the floor. After flooring laid, often they need to go through a month or even longer to polish painted. During the floor and ambient moisture, chemicals did not make any quarantine measures, it is likely to lead to an outdoor wood flooring moisture content due to rapid change and deformation. To choose dry, straight bars made of wood keel and specifications 3 �� 2.0cm or 4 �� 2.5cm is appropriate to ensure that the level of the keel before the keel is fixed to the ground with nails.</p>
<p>3, to avoid fixed manner to play wedge plus nails</p>
<p>Construction used to play wedge plus nails fixed way, will cause the wedge with nails because the contact surface is too small nail leaving less grip force, can easily cause loose wooden keel occurs when the sound of trampling floor��</p>

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