Outdoor composite furniture

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We all know that eco-wood is a use of wood fiber and resin, and a small amount of material extruded polymer made ​​of wood. It has the characteristics of wood in general, but also a good waterproof, decay, corrosion, thermal insulation characteristics. As many eco-wood products production, into the larger production process, so that utility and application areas are greatly enhanced. This one, in the interior, the Eco Wood played a great role.Outdoor composite decking

Especially in the ceiling, walls and other decorative background, traditional materials are mostly complicated installation, and use eco-wood installation saves time and effort, through a short training, through a simple plug can be a lot of installation, and can exhibit a luxurious and elegant effect, highlighting the sense of depth and three-dimensional space. Rich styling effect can be done shaped plane, elevation, surfaces, handrails and the like, to show the space of personalization.marine deck material

In addition, the ecological wood finishing products, but also showing a meticulous detail texture and color texture, and create a wood texture vitality and spiritual affinity ambience. Our new mold out of 156 in the circular plate, combine the European sense of the kind of atmosphere irregular, not only that, ecological wood in space can create a warm and comfortable visual and tactile sensations, and its surface is more than wood soft. In addition, due to the density of the eco-wood materials, small moisture content and different profiles and application design structure, it has a good thermal insulation properties, compared with other materials are generally the same area of its better thermal insulation properties, is widely used in the current market a new type of energy saving decorative products.Backyard decking
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Wood Flooring Advantage

<p>Wood floor look, feel and natural wood similar to data, planing, drilling, strong grip nails. Can be made according to user needs into a wide variety of products; it has low water absorption, mildew acid, moisture resistant, pest control, aging resistance, ultraviolet light, easily deformed and can be 100% recycled and other advantages; the real the low-carbon products, in line with the development of "circular economy" trend.[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com/wpc-deck/wpc-floor/18878.html]pallet privacy fnce ideas]

<p>WPC manufactured using wood floor is completely waterproof, can do outdoor flooring, its long service life. Ordinary wood floors will not achieve the requirements of waterproof, one life only wood flooring six points. Wood floor surface after installation no obvious signs installed, because it is the land board to connect buckle installed, and ordinary wood floor surfaces are fixed with screws and extremely affecting aesthetics. In addition, wood flooring does not require special post-maintenance, specially designed to meet the current concept of environmental health, is made from waste materials, can also be made after recycling.[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com/wpc-deck/wpc-floor/18861.html]wood supplier in singapore[/url]

<p>Because wood flooring special production process and product intrinsic properties, if no special needs, you can avoid paint, no glue, it is more humane, no damage to the human body, nature and more environmentally friendly new materials, we can ease to use .[url=http://www.compositefloormanufacturer.com/wpc-deck/wpc-floor/18852.html]pvc that looks like wood[/url]