Nickel prices are supported

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High-carbon chromium prices fell again, making the price of stainless steel fell, but meager profits to maintain, in addition, from the Delong procurement of raw materials, the production capacity of the resumption of production around 65%.Super Duplex korea stainless steel tube   The demand for nickel and iron is about 0.5 million tons of metal around the month, the main estimate is mainly based on the supply of nickel and iron within the main, due to adequate nickel ore supply, the current consumption is not enough to cause changes in nickel prices, The strength of the yield is limited.aisi 420c 440c 304 316L solid stainless steel ball  Overall, our view of nickel prices remain unchanged, the current nickel price in the low shock state, but nickel prices have been nickel prices to reflect the $ 27.5 / ton, that is, nickel prices relative to nickel ore prices underestimated, therefore, nickel Prices are still expected to rebound mainly.Цвет Оребрения Из Нержавеющей Стали С Уф