Laying wood plastic flooring details

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<p>1, wood plastic floors usually begin to lay the room from one side wall or laying more favorable to the other side wall from the entrance of the room.</p> 
<p>2, the laying of the floor to the axis of good planning and design, the axis is laying flooring baseline. Especially when the same unit Number of rooms the same time laying the planning and design of which axis is more important. Specifically can ask laying of the floor staff.</p> 
<p>3, for the laying of the floorboards carefully according to their quality, color depth sorting again. Good quality, color consistency, try to shop in the center of the house and in a prominent place, usually laying of the floor staff will be informed orally.</p> 
<p>4, laying floorboards starting point must be spread very neat, steady and strong. Its starting point is whether or tongue and groove floor flat floor have strong adhesive.</p> 
<p>5, laying floorboards, four and four temporary limb corner of each plate must remain parallel and perpendicular to each other, there must be no mistake, because as the laying of the expansion of the area, the error increases.</p> 
<p>6, the plane should always pay particular attention to their floorboards texture vertical and horizontal direction of cut, etc. section scar size and planers, otherwise it will lead to open fork, cracked and uneven wave pattern, the effect is not good.</p> 

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