Huawei 100G OTN won the bid for Sinopec Optical Transmission Project

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1. Massive bandwidth
The use of advanced single-carrier 100G coherent transmission technology to build a pair of optical fibers carrying a bandwidth of 8T/s, with large-capacity electrical cross-over capability, fully supporting ODU0/1/2/2e/3/3e/4/ODUflex multi-particle unified Non-blocking crossover. Sinopec Corp. has also become the first company in the global energy industry to use a 100G wavelength division network to provide a solid network foundation for growing business needs.

2. Safe and reliable
The transmission network is designed in a dual plane and uses the highest level of equipment-level protection. Comprehensive and detailed scheme verification is performed at multiple levels including the optical line layer, service layer, and device layer. Any fiber fault, board failure, or equipment failure It can achieve fast switching within 50ms to ensure that the important business of the data center of Sinopec headquarters is perfectly safe.

3. Simplified operation and maintenance
For the first time, the intelligent light pipe system solves the on-line detection of optical power and OSNR at any wavelength. Flexible test diagnosis improves customer's ability to quickly locate faults, while enabling one-click E2E service creation and automatic resource search, providing clear customer and service relationships. , Let users know the network, reduce OPEX. In addition, the full-band adjustable XFP can provide any wavelength adjustment of 1 to 80 waves, greatly reducing the maintenance difficulty, and saving maintenance spare parts costs.

With the development of the oil and gas industry and continuous business changes, Huawei will continue to provide reliable technical support and service guarantee for the informationization process of Sinopec, adding vitality to the development of Sinopec.

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