Global enterprises pay more attention to localization measures

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<p>The 2018 FDICI report, released by global management consulting firm kurney, said 79% of the world's investors planned to increase international investment in the next three years, up 4 percentage points from last year. In the context of global uncertainty, investors are still optimistic about the future investment environment and are full of confidence in the future global economic growth. 66% of the respondents are more optimistic than they did last year.</p>
<p>The report points out that enterprises are constantly overcome all kinds of economic changes, and take active strategies to reduce the losses caused by trade protectionism. 89% of respondents said the company was beginning to consider localization measures. More than 1/3 of investors believe that their localization strategy stems from the restrictions on market access policies, while 27% of the investors are from protectionist trade policies. Localisation strategies have caused investors to increase their transnational investment because they have to invest in the development of new supply chain systems, product structures and human security in response to special local investment environment needs.</p>
<p>Under the localized environment, developed countries occupy 84% of this year's investment index. The United States is at the top of the index for six years in a row. Almost all Asian countries have been on the rise. The developed countries in Europe are strong and occupy more than half of the list. ErikPeterson, managing director of the corney global business policy committee, said Europe's strong performance in this year's index showed that 10 years after the global financial crisis, the European economy was finally out of trouble and prepared to achieve greater growth.</p>
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