GL series mechanical diaphragm metering pump

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product manual
  control method
Power supply: 380V/220V-50Hz/60Hz/three-phase/single phase
Motor controller controls three-phase motor in "on/off" mode to regulate output flow
Standard configuration motor performance parameters
Power supply: 380V/220V-50Hz/60Hz/three-phase/single-phase insulation class: F-class
Protection level: IP54 All motors comply with IEC or NEC standards
Performance and benefits
  Hydraulic end: 1, mechanical drive diaphragm, material side without diaphragm guard plate, easy material passage
         2, PVC, PVDF, 316SS and other pump head materials are optional, suitable for conveying various materials
         3, self-cleaning check valve structure
Drive end: 1, variable eccentric structure adjustment to ensure smooth flow pulsation
         2, enhanced structural design, suitable for demanding operating environment
         3, using special bearing support, grease lubrication, work is stable, reliable, low noise, low maintenance costs
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