Furnace enterprises have converted to electric furnaces in succession

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<p>Striking one snag after another development to 2002, the county fire 163 enterprises, annual 50677 tons of coal, more than 2000 tons of soot discharged, more than 8000 tons of sulfur dioxide, "smoke" become Changxin people's heart. Changxin is the town of fire. The fire industry has been one of the pillar industries. The chimney under the chimney has been the "mother industry" of Changxin. It not only made great contributions to the local farmers' poverty alleviation and prosperity, but also brought no glory to Changxin people. For the remediation of pollution, improve the grade, writing a new chapter in Changxin refractory material, at the end of 2003, Changxin started the "Opium War", Guantingbingzhuan 115 coal-fired down draft kiln. All for rectification flame tunnel kiln, kiln porous, taking into account the ratio of coal to gas, coal to electricity cost was low, and the two years before the electricity supply, therefore, the government will guide and encourage enterprises to transform the gas coal furnace kiln, kiln enterprises to a large number of coal gas, oil or liquefied gas.<br />
  Last year, the enterprises used gas kiln because of the shortage of natural gas, often lack of production. Since the second half of last year, with the acceleration of the transformation of the power grid, the slow supply of green energy and the reliable supply of electricity have been ensured in Changxing County. Under such circumstances, the relevant departments in the county have led the kiln enterprises to use electric kilns. However, a large number of furnaces using coal, oil, pollution is still not completely eradicated, but in recent years with the coal, oil price rise directly to a high position the production cost of enterprises, will greatly increase. Therefore, Changxing County is advocating that enterprises should switch to cleaner energy production. Meanwhile, it will introduce policies to support the adoption of advanced equipment, change the traditional process and process, and improve product quality.<br />
According to the county refractory industry association responsible person, there are nearly 20 enterprises with the original coal, oil or gas production of refractory kiln coal (oil or gas) into a furnace electric furnace, enterprises achieved good economic benefits in the meantime, the prominent environmental benefits, effectively improve the quality of atmospheric environment the county. In advance, a large number of power supply and power grid projects have been put into operation, which provides a basis for the good and rapid development of the fire industry in Changxin. The new trend of replacing coal (oil or gas) kiln in electric kiln has emerged from the economic development and environmental protection of the people who dare to eat "crabs". </p>
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