Flooring industry confusion

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<p>  Flooring industry confusion, a serious lack of self-discipline industry organizations, the floor price war between the industry, a direct result of industry profits decline, framing materials for decks using composite decking a small brand of funding crisis, and will gradually be eliminated. </p>
<p>No doubt snow home cream. Building materials market, the floor business "shut down and turn" big city sales continued to decline, three or four cities affected quite small, exterior stair treads recycled materials  corporate eyes to the rural market. Turn focus on the floor of the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, standardization of marketing services to a higher level, pay attention to word of mouth, enhance corporate brand reputation. </p>
<p>Strengthen the industry standard, strengthen the service in the promotion of marketing. A number of flooring industry standards, GB continued the revision and introduction of technology to raise the threshold of production, industry standards, will become the catalyst for industry reshuffle.modular decking systems  Prediction 5: mid-range brand as a reshuffle "hardest hit" enterprises in order to return the funds, the major brands launched a price war. High-grade profiteering floor sales dropped sharply, mid-floor flooring is still the main body of consumption. </p>