Flooring Industry Technology Innovation

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 <p> April 28 afternoon, a wood flooring industry, science and technology innovation to the seminars held in Shenyang, China flooring business elite representatives,high quality composite pallet boards  on the status of development of the flooring industry, flooring industry breakthrough in technological innovation.</p>
<p> as well as prospects for the industry to do explore the deep-seated, and after the meeting announced the establishment of the three northeastern provinces floors Union.affordable waterproof wall panel  Of innovative enterprises in recognition of the contribution of the floor. </p>
<p>Contribution of innovative flooring companies in recognition of the contribution of innovative flooring companies in recognition of innovative contributions to the enterprise on the floor commended the workshop, living at home floor, long-Sheng floor, the rich benefit floor,israel plastic floors manufacturers  Jinqiao floor, flooring company Dekor representatives for R & D and innovation and industrial development were put forward opinions and suggestions.</p>