Floor installation, please sell business services

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<p>Moisture content of the floor, if not installed in place, there will be deformation. Because the air is very dry, in the 30 to 60 days of construction period, the floor potential of the crack, deformation  plastic roof cladding in spain          and other issues will be exposed. Laying the floor in winter, should pay special attention to leave the appropriate construction gap, the floor should be around 2 mm of expansion joints, or prone to drums in the future, floating phenomenon. Better flooring vendors also provide floor installation services, their installation is more professional, may wish to ask them to lay the floor.</p><p> Solid wood flooring installation must be carried out within 3 days after acceptance. General consumers can not be very precise measurement, but the surface clean, smooth, laying a solid, not loose, no basic sound  3 inch tongue and groove board composite          when walking, etc. These basic requirements must be met. Otherwise the course of time, the floor will certainly have problems. The right medicine to prevent wood floor deformation In the heating season, if the face of heating water leakage, wood floor water must be promptly wiped clean, not directly to the sun exposure or electric furnace baking, so as not to dry too fast, the floor cracking.</p><p> To prevent deformation, the walls on both sides of the floor can be opened, so that after the dissipated moisture, and then install. The floor if the wave-like deformation, it is because  composite wood exterior fence Italy          the laying of moisture-proof technology, but off, the bottom of the floor caused by damp, need to re-do. Bottom moisture treatment is best to use PV plastic film, will not degrade, moisture performance is better, and look at the more high-end pearl lack of toughness, the use of a long time easy to rot.</p>