Fifa Coins of winter World Cup would destroy

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According to the Spanish news media, the Spanish league may be formally submitted to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport an indictment, they sued the 2022 FIFA  World

Cup held in the wintertime schedule, which lost 62 million euros.

In March this season, FIFA said in order to avoid high temperatures in summer, Qatar, brings the 2022 World Cup scheduled for being kept in 12 months November 20 to December 18,

2016  World Cup in Brazil, the European leagues offer 80% around the world Cup players, also to the 2022 World Cup, European Fifa Coins
 League World Cup players it's still the principle

method to obtain land.  In winter World Cup would destroy the standard European leagues. Although FIFA promised to increase compensation for European bcoinsegeoca  clubs, but an overall of 209

million euros of subsidy can't make amends for losing.