FIFA former chairman Havelange Ying 100 years old

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Brazilian sports legend, former chairman regarding cheap FIFA 16 Accounts Joao Havelange May well 8 ushered hundredth special birthday. Good state regarding Fifa Coins well being, he also plans to wait the Rio Olympic Game titles August 5 beginning ceremony. Havelange's successor Sepp Blatter wished to come to Brazil for birthday, but had to pick from a deep mire regarding corruption in absentia.

"The current shape is good, sure, he wants to wait the Olympic beginning ceremony. " The particular spokesman Joao Martins mentioned. According to accounts, in addition to be involved in the Olympic beginning ceremony, Havelange is not going to attend other Olympic-related routines, but also more unlikely to meet together with IOC President Bach.

Havelange around the 9th to attend his birthday celebration in Rio Ipanema boat area. According for the Associated Press reported the deep corruption scandal regarding former FIFA chief executive Sepp Blatter had wished to come to Brazil to be involved in Havelange's birthday get together, but his attorney at law advised him never to leave the region, otherwise there could be arrested or It really is extradited to the usa.

Blatter 6th specialized in Buy Fifa of 16 Coins Havelange sent an email, saying he has been Havelange's "little brother", Havelange praised being a "philosopher Olympians, FIFA president and also life "I are finding the" secret regarding eternal youth. inches

80-year-old Blatter wrote inside the letter: "I'm remorseful, I can not allow the current situation inside the day by your side, but I'll see you in 2010, let us enjoy together the two soon add up to 180 years outdated, this one provides our love regarding sport and sports. "