Environmental Friendly WPC Product

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<p>Environmental performance of WPC and its processing performance advantages in terms of the more wood, making this material more and more people of all ages, have broad market prospects</p> 
<p>1, wood pallets, crates and other packaging products</p> 
<p>Wood-plastic composite material used in the packaging industry primarily tray (in Southeast Asia, also known as card board), crates, and other equipment used. Only the tray, for example, in North America up to the amount of more than 200 million pallets, wood pallets products have accounted for nearly half of the market. According to the Japan Association tray (JRP) statistics, the amount of Japanese tray about 6 million per year. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee predicted in recent years, the average amount of wooden pallets will exceed 80 million per year, of which wood pallets will also be more and more popular, will occupy a certain market share. WPC flower box.</p> 
<p>2, decking, beams and other storage products shop</p> 
<p>WPC because resistant to moisture, corrosion, anti-moth and other characteristics, mainly used in industry to use storage shelf plank, sleepers and laying beams, floors. In China, the warehousing industry applications WPC despite a late start, but in the first half of 2002, used in the pharmaceutical industry, the amount of wood grain storage warehouse decking industry has reached more than 80,000 square meters, is applied to the wood in the military field plastic sleepers also use up to 200,000 m.</p> 
<p>3, outdoor boardwalk, gazebo, chairs and other urban construction supplies</p> 
<p>Gazebo made of wood-plastic composite materials, chairs, flower pots, garbage cans, etc., has a waterproof, moisture, corrosion characteristics, and long life, low price and widespread use in North America. Garden City of Vancouver, Canada, 70% roadside seat</p> 
<p>Wood-plastic composites are used above. In China, with the proposed construction of a conservation-oriented society slogan, WPC in these areas to replace wood trend has become even more apparent.</p> 

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