Double liquid grouting pump

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XZS series double-fluid grouting pumps are widely used for grouting and water plugging in tunnels and mining faces, grouting and water plugging in rock roadways and concrete wellbores, tunnel cracks, broken rock mass, reinforcement of evacuated rocks, anchoring grouting, backfilling grouting and ground subsidence prevention, landslide prevention, grouting for correcting deflection of buildings, etc. Absorption and drainage. It can be used for pumping and pressure grouting of cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water and other media. It can pump two kinds of media at the same time or pump one medium separately. It has stable performance, compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance.
Main technical features:
_Single-cylinder double-acting piston pump, high efficiency;
_Integrated valve plug, compact mechanism, suitable for construction in narrow space, also suitable for workplaces with special requirements (explosion-proof);
_Gear, V-belt deceleration drive, high mechanical efficiency, low failure rate of mechanical drive, simple maintenance and reliable work;
Diesel engine or motor (common or explosion-proof) driving mode can be selected according to construction conditions.
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