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The twenty-first century, the human living environment face more severe challenges. Environmental pollution is very serious ecological damage is a prominent problem of global resources are depleting. Protect the environment, conserve resources, without delay. Waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources in the core of the recycling economy development model has become the trend of world development. Recycling of resources and vigorously develop the national economy growth and the technology will have a profound impact on the environment and sustainable development. WPC industry as an emerging industry, but also need to regulate the healthy growth of the industry standardized means to seize the commanding heights of industry development, promote the industrialization process of the province wood technology.[URL=]Eco-friendly WPC floor porch design ideas[/URL]

WPC profiles and product standardization committee was established to fully respond to the call of the national strategy for the implementation of technical standards and vigorously develop the circular economy, reflecting the energy saving industry trends, Guangdong Province, in favor of wood-related industries enterprises to obtain the right to speak and improve their core competitiveness and innovation capacity to effectively promote the sustainable development of the industry. I believe that the cause of the province to promote the standardization and standardization strategy brilliant definitely brought new development opportunities.[URL=]Sale Outdoor Furniture - Discount Outdoor Decor[/URL]

<p>After a full discussion of all the participating members, the meeting examined and adopted the Articles of Association of the Technical Committee, the Secretariat's work rules, standard system frameworks, standards development plans in 2011, has laid a good foundation for the technical work of the Commission official. It is reported that the secretariat of the technical committee of the commitment unit is currently the strongest annual production capacity of domestic wood.[URL=]Home garden decorations, garden decking plans[/URL]

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