Different floor materials maintenance method

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1, stone flooring: natural stone floors should avoid direct contact with the surface of acid chemicals. Granite or terrazzo plate surface can be rinsed with water, but preferably dry marble slab surface drag, even when wet and it is not dragging water spray or brush.
2, solid wood flooring: First mop the floor surface to remove dust, and then follow the instructions and the ratio of the degree of dirt floor cleaner, diluted detergent, wet mop. Note, however, to try to wring the mop to prevent excess moisture from penetrating into the wood floor in the layer, causing mildew, rot.
3, plastic floor: cleaning agents, water and glial easy from a chemical reaction, causing the floor surface unglued or tilt phenomenon. With ink, soup, when oil stains, dilute soapy water wipe generally available, as also wipe without a net, a small amount of gasoline can also be used to gently wipe the stain until removed.

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