Cylinder firewood stove

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The stove is modified from used steel cylinders, which is sturdy and durable, beautiful in appearance and durable than ordinary stoves. Tai'an Integrity Furnace is located in Jiaoyu Town, Daiyue District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in the south and Tailai Expressway in the north. It enjoys convenient transportation and advantageous geographical position. It is approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to manufacture and sell energy-saving wood stoves and coal. Furnace energy-saving product manufacturer.
     The energy-saving and environment-friendly products produced by our factory, the energy-saving wood-fired stoves are mainly oriented to rural areas. The furnaces are all welded with high-quality steel plates, no deformation, no smoke, economical, convenient, efficient and fast. It is placed indoors in winter, with straw wood firewood as raw material, good heating effect, safe and sanitary, and save coal.
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