Current Situation and Prospects of new wood materials outlook

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<p>WPC has many advantages, but in our daily lives, but rarely see this material, what causes this situation? A promotion is not enough, another important reason is the price, not expected to exceed 10 years, the wood floor will certainly replace the current ordinary wood polywood furniture</p>
<p>Prospect wood is not only optimistic about China, the world is good. We believe that this is not just the product itself has good features, but the main thing is to use its resources recycling and environmental significance of the fence plastic Denmark</p>
<p>North America is one of the richest regions in the world timber resources, but also the fastest growing area of ??industrial wood, because they cherish the natural wood resources, the importance of environmental protection, China is a timber resource-poor countries, due to the excessive felling of trees, green barrier destruction, intensified storms, natural disasters, so the current government attaches particular importance to recycling of resources and protection of the ecological environment, which create a very favorable environment for the development of wood products, plus wood own excellent performance, I believe that comprehensive alternative to ordinary wood timber foregone conclusion.Pvc Fence In Australia</p>
<p>Currently on the market one square meters of wood flooring is about $ 300, higher than solid wood floor length, it is because a high proportion of wood more than wood, of course, to the market as soon as possible instead of logs, wood first to achieve "self-worth".</p>
<p>From the current point of view on the whole, into the wood interior decoration industry is still in its infancy, we must first change the process to reduce costs, while also re-established sales channels, marketing efforts, will good prospects.</p>