Construction Technology of Galvanized Pipe Duct

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1.1 galvanized air duct production After the inspection of qualified galvanized steel, different specifications of the galvanized sheet ducts according to the requirements of different thickness of the plate. In the familiar drawings of the size and layout of the galvanized duct on the basis of the skilled craftsmen pay off the material to ensure that the installation of galvanized air duct in line with the "ventilation and air conditioning construction quality acceptance norms" (GB50243-2002) 4.3 .1, 4.3.2, 304 stainless steel coil wuxi distributor 1.1.1 galvanized duct flange will be in accordance with the provisions of the specifications of the series uniform production, the flange of the bolt hole with a punch and die for the distance from the punching, flange molding welding also use special mold positioning welding to ensure that the same Specifications of the galvanized duct flange with interchangeability.2017 style tapered stainless steel pipe 1.1.2 flange processing in addition to the length (or diameter) in accordance with regulatory requirements, but also should strictly: A. Profiles must be approved by the contractor, shall not have rust, crust or pitting. B. Flange group welding seam flatness is not greater than 0.5mm, rivet hole spacing is not greater than 100mm, (screw hole spacing is not greater than 120mm), the hole spacing is accurate, should have interchangeability. C. Welding slag, welding spatter, floating rust should be completely clean. D. Rubbing adhesion strong anti-rust primer two layers, screw holes and corners may not have paint leaching phenomenon.Высокоскоростная круглая сталь горячекатаная легированная сталь