Chinese flooring industry

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<p>Recently, located in the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Ancient Town interview, the author of "industrial cluster" concept with a deeper understanding of: less than 110,000 people in the southern town, within two years, the emergence of a more than 300 different sizes of wood low cost outdoor wall panel flooring business, their products account for about 20% -30% share of the domestic market, as well as some of the products to meet the needs of the international market.  </p>
<p>Why is there such "accumulation effect" mean? Nanxun Flooring Association president Jiang Xuelin that the sustained and stable economic growth and support the national industrial policy, in particular the rapid development of the country economically developed eastern coastal areas of real estate, and continues to heat up home decoration and decoration, are provided for the development of wood floor good market environment. Meanwhile, more than 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Nanxun facilitate timber imports and exports wood shades composite fence panel floor. "As competition intensifies, flooring industry is actually a thin profit industries continue to go, so the challenges these companies face is to continue to merger integration." In fact, since the 1990s, China flooring industry has not stopped such an adjustment. Now the number of domestic flooring manufacturers fell from its peak from the peak of more than 5,000 to more than 1,500 now.  </p>
<p>National Timber Circulation Association, vice chairman Professor Gao Zhihua told reporters: "With the deepening of market-oriented reform, consolidation will continue; the ideal state is to appear truly international competitiveness of 15-30 well-known wpc decking producers in germany flooring companies." Gao that the quantity is not a good thing, the key is to be able to appear a few Chinese in the world are capable of famous brand. The industry believes that the current Chinese flooring industry has taken a solid step to the international market. </p>